Tuesday, August 14, 2007


it's mid-august and things should be moving slow as we prepare for the fall. but nothing is slowing down.

YAH MOS DEF is playing in Rittenhouse Square Park for FREE!!!
Wednesday August 15th!!
with the Burn Down All-Stars.
7:00 to 9:00PM.

Also, we have redcheeks photos up now. Aug. 14 - Sept. 31

Featuring Prints of:
108, Blacklisted, Converge, Soul Control, Have Heart, Lifetime, Ceremony, Cold World, Have Heart, Go It Alone, Rise And Fall.

3rd thing going on today.
our new shirt design (in V-necks and crew neck tees) has arrived:

this weekend is, THIS IS HARDCORE FEST.
If you aren't familiar with these bands, this is a great introduction to the current Hardcore scene. check it out and leave with a black eye, or missing a tooth.

bands include: COLD WORLD, AGNOSTIC FRONT, WAR HUNGRY, CEREMONY, LET DOWN, 108, Shattered Realm, Ringworm, and tons more......

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