Thursday, February 21, 2008


friday FEB 29th:

this is the 3rd and final show at 11th and Snyder. mike hands in the keys the next day. this one features Baltimore hardcore band LION OF JUDAH.

$5/ 8PM

Monday, February 18, 2008

PEGLEG NYC- s/s '08 arrives

Also fresh in this week is the (always impressive) Pegleg NYC. This is being hailed as the companies strongest line to date! By giving us more 80's inspired items with creative cuts and color use. This season includes a rugby shirt, windbreaker, tshirts, sweatshirts (hooded and crewneck) and even a very nice cardigan.
here are a few pictures, many many more in our store.


we received our Spring/Summer MHI by Maharishi, an extremely strong line this season. Entitled "NO FUTURE" with a apocalyptic vibe, drawing influences from odd films such as 1984 and Death Race 2000. here are a couple pictures, many more items in stock.

couple quick things to check out.

1st: Please check out this interesting interview I (philip) did with the guys over at Great kids bringing some fresh ideas and a (much needed) positive mind-set to the city of Philadelphia.

and for the hardcore kids, check out this awesome video of (a true inspiration) Paul Bearer singing the classic Sheer Terror track ("here to stay") with NYHC band HAMMER BROS last month at the Pyramid CLub in NYC.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

house show(s)

last saturday:
thanks to the 70+ people that crammed into Mike's (old) South Philly apartment and made the show a success. Sorry to the people we had to turn away, we shouldn't even have let in the amount of people we did. Thanks: alex, hoodrack and WAR HUNGRY, Wilkes Barre's EARLY BIRDS and MOTHER OF MERCY for their performances.

war hungry:Photobucket

EARLY BIRDS:Photobucket

we've got a few more shows planned before the month ends (and mike is out for good). reign supreme, title fight is on the 15th. we're not promoting this at all. so you're only seeing it talked about here.

also here is a clip of WAR HUNGRY from SOUND & FURY fest last year, out in cali.