Monday, June 25, 2007

Skull By An Alchemist Coming Soon

Skull By An Alchemist Denim from Japan, some of the finest denim from Japan, some of the best cuts as well. Skull has decided to work with us here at Deep Sleep and make us one of just about 12 retailers world wide to carry their amazing product. We are very lucky to be apart of the Skull family they're a good group of guys who love some rockabilly thats for sure. About the jeans, Skull denim is a 14.5oz made from rough Texas cotton, Texas cotton is much sought after by many denim manufacturers for the way it wears. The Skull denim is coming to us in raw form and will shrink up a bit. Skull uses modern cuts for their denim but adhears to the traditional styles when it comes to creating the denim using nearly no detailing save the leather patch and a small cross adorning the out side of a pocket, they also use 100% cotton thread, which is now typically not used. Checking out Skull denim when it comes in is a must.

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